Generations-US-People Whole body donation program for medical education, research and training

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The Generations U.S.  program supports one of the largest bioskills networks in the United States. 

Bioskills laboratories simulate hospital and surgery center operating rooms. They provide a safe learning environment for physicians, residents/fellows, advanced healthcare professionals and researchers. In these facilities surgical techniques are perfected, new skills are developed and collaboration occurs to make a positive impact on patient outcomes worldwide. 

 Donation Options: A.C.T. 
There are three options for donating to the Generations U.S. program to help meet the needs of donors and their loved ones:

Advanced Registrations

The simple consent process provides nearly anyone over the age of 18 the opportunity to become part of the Generations U.S. registry.  

Care Today

This service provides the patient or family the opportunity to register and be accepted into the Generations U.S. program prior to the time of passing.

Time of Passing

Even if advanced planning was not possible prior to death, whole-body donation is still an option for most who wish to donate.